frequently asked questions


Do I need to be fit before starting a martial arts class?

  No, our structured system takes into consideration all levels of physical fitness regardless of weight, age & disabilities.



What are the benefits of becoming a student?

  Training in Martial promotes fitness, confidence & self esteem as well as a sence of well being. As well as the obvious benefits from self protection.

How flexible / co-ordinated do I need to be?

  Flexibility and co-ordination are greatly improved by regular training.

Which discipline is best for me?

  It is recommended that students sample various classes to enable them to decide which discipline is most suitable.

Is sparring & competing compulsory?

  No. We have specific classes for sparring & these are optional. Competitions are held regularly for those wishing to participate.

Is there a grading system?

  Students are invited to be graded regularly in each discipline, where a coloured belt system is in place.