What is Fudoshin Karate?

The word "Fudoshin" is not a style but a concept. The Japanese word roughly translates to "Immutable Mind", first used in the writings of Miyomoto Musashi, a 16th century Samurai & legendary swordsman. It means, body & spirit become one.

A formidable form of self defence utilising hands & feet to block, punch, strike & kick


Systems or styles normally concentrate either on the traditional way, which is the martial arts consisting of the self defence & warrior methods. Or alternatively the modern & more sporting aspect that has evolved from competitive Karate.
The method taught within the Jim McAllister Academy of Martial Arts is the Fudoshin System which is part of the British Fudoshin Association. This favours the traditional, it is predominantly Okinawan with a strong 'Korean influence.