Many Laymen are under the impression that modern day Kick-Boxing originated in Thailand, Japan or elsewhere in the Far East. In fact, the real origins of the sport are revealed by the name which it is known Full Contact Karate.

Modern Kick-Boxing is a combination of western hand techniques and kicks from the arsenal of traditions Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do and Mauy Thai. Other Kick-Boxing styles, such as full blooded Mauy Thai, in which the fighters employ knees and elbows as legitimate techniques, co-exist alongside the more commons WKA competition.

McAllister Kick-Boxing is as the name suggests, predominantly Kick-Boxing but students are also taught techniques from Karate, Thai Boxing and Street Self Defence.

The Chief Instructor, Jim McAllister, has combined his knowledge of various Martial Arts together with his 40 years of training into one unique fighting system "McAllister Kick-Boxing".